Honeymoon & Romance

With its pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls, medieval architecture and intriguing gourmet specialties, it’s no wonder that couples are falling in love with Croatia. For your honeymoon, anniversary, couple's trip or any romantic getaway, we offer the ultimate in romance, from special dinners, beautiful views, romantic suites and more.

The weather is nice all year round, the coastline is as delightful as any more exotic destination, and there are plenty of sumptuous hotels and idyllic self-catering villas to choose from. Short distances and easy interchanges make an island-hopping honeymoon an attractive and, of course, romantic prospect. Move from reneissance Dubrovnik to the magnificent islands of Dalamtia, or go on the trail of Venetian republic in Rovinj then wander the wooded greenery of Istria. There are destinations to suit every type of couple, a rich cultural heritage and fantastic scenery to see, not forgetting all the lively konobas serving worlds best food and wine.



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