Cruise & Sail

Unique landscape of the sea side, beautiful well-indented coast, with 1246 islands, islets and reefs, pine wood beaches, picturesque towns scattered along the coast simply mesmerize with their uniqueness. In recent years, Croatia has emerged as Europe's premier destination for private sailing trips, the coastline offering dozens of potential routes; dock in secluded bays, explore tiny coastal villages, and snorkel below the sheets of turquoise – whether looking for a good time, romance or a quiet family vacation.

The Croatian blue depths of the sea with rich flora and fauna and traces of times gone by, from ancient amphoras to sunken galleys and ships wrecked in the world wars are a real haven for sailing lovers and divers. The sailing and yachting scene here rivals any other, with hundreds of ports and dozens of marinas and countless natural inlets scattered across a thousand islands.