Macedonia is a small nation with a complex and fascinating history. Part Balkan, part Mediterranean and rich in Greek, Roman and Ottoman history, it offers impressive ancient sites side by side with buzzing modernity, managing to pack in much more activity and natural beauty than would seem possible for a country its size. Macedonia is a country of sacred mysteries & unique beauties, that has no sea access, no world-wide known ski resorts, but Macedonia has wonderful lakes, untouched mountains, great history & wealthy cultural heritage. Macedonia is the fatherland of the Cyrillic script and of the first Slavic University in the world.

Macedonia abounds in natural beauties and rarities. Many have named it "the pearl of the Balkans." Its numerous mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes represent a great tourist attraction. The country is rich in water resources. It is often called "the land of lakes" because of its numerous tectonic, glacial, and man-made lakes. There are about 50 large and small lakes, the most significant ones being the lakes of Ohrid, Prespa, and Dojran. The rivers form three basins, the largest one -- the Vardar River. The high mountains present its impressive, spectacular landscapes. Because of the great variety of plant and animal species, some areas in the mountains have been proclaimed national parks: Mavrovo, Pelister, and Galicica. The two main destinations that attract the most tourists are Skopje and Lake Ohrid. Skopje is the main administrative center of the country is Skopje, with a population of 467,257 inhabitants. It's a place where many roads and civilizations have met and mingled. The town of Ohrid, situated on the shore of Lake Ohrid, with its natural beauties, historical and cultural heritage enjoys the protection of UNESCO. Ohrid abounds with a large number of historical and cultural monuments, lovely beaches, and accommodation facilities.