Hotel Lone is a unique design hotel in Croatia which represents a design-focused synergy of functionality, harmony and elegance. Featuring an impeccable blend of luxury, beauty, style and cultural heritage, the 5-star boutique hotel is a year-round leisure and business destination. As an embodiment of urban style, Maistra’s 5-star boutique hotel Lone features 236 well-appointed rooms and 12 luxury suites in Rovinj, Croatia. All of the 5-star accommodation units of the six-story seaside hotel nested in the forest park of Zlatni rt afford a spectacular view of the surroundings. The interior decoration embodies the basic aesthetic values of this boutique hotel, with simple lines and functionality merging with the appeal of the surroundings. Wood, stone elements and fabrics dominate the interior, providing a pleasant dim-out effect contrasted by black and white walls and wallpaper décor. The furnishings have been designed and tailored to the Lone hotel exclusively by a Croatian studio specialized in product design called Numen Group.