Few parts of the world capture the heart and imagination the way Istria does. The bucolic interior of rolling hills and fertile plains attracts artsy visitors to Istria’s hilltop villages, rural hotels and farmhouse restaurants, while the verdant indented coastline is enormously popular with the sun-and-sea set. It’s a delightful patchwork of exquisite cuisine, fine wines, ancient ruins, gorgeous landscapes, and utterly delightful towns like Rovinj, Pula and Opatija on the coast while in inland Istria you can find historic hilltop towns like Motovun, Grožnjan, Oprtalj and Hum that look like leftovers from another century, half-abandoned accretions of ancient stone poised high above rich green pastures and forests. One can spend days wandering through this region exploring the tiny villages, vineyards and olive groves dotted with ancient Venetian loggias, rustic farm-houses, and friendly farmers who are happy to have you hunt for the truffles that the region is so famous for, with them. Istria is indeed a feast for the eyes and a region that represents Croatian tourism at its most developed.