Stretching from the Lonjsko polje to the Danube, which forms Croatia’s border with Serbia, the rich agricultural plain of Slavonia found its place. Bordered by three major rivers (Sava, Drava and Danube), this fascinating region has long held strong connections with Hungary, Serbia and Germany. Slavonia’s main urban center is Osijek, a former Austrian fortress town which retains a dash of Habsburg-era elegance. It’s around Osijek that the best of Slavonia’s scenery lies, a patchwork of greens and yellows dotted with dusty, half-forgotten villages, where latticed wooden sheds groan under the weight of corncobs and, in the autumn, strings of red paprikas hang outside to dry. Other interesting destinations Slavonia has to offer are the wetlands of Kopački Rit Nature Park, one of Europe’s finest ornithological reserves, Baranja region with it’s renowned wineries and the pleasant provincial towns like Našice and Đakovo. Slavonia truly is an oasis for tourists who want to replace the city hustle and bustle with the quiet of greenery and a relaxed stay in intact nature.