This tour is for visitors who wish to take in all the main sights and explore the architecture and history of this famous city. Accompanied with an excperienced guide, you will discover the secrets of Dubrovnik's Old Town. Stroll the limestone-covered streets, discover what stories lie behind the places and plazas, cloisters and cathedrals. Don't miss visiting Dubrovnik's most important sights like the Francisician monastery, City Cathedral, Rector's Palace and of course it's most recognizable feature, the famous City Walls. We invite you to discover Dubrovnik, its rich history, culture, and fascinating stories.



Riding a SEGWAY – the first self-balancing personal transporter in the world, the amazing and useful vehicle that is easy to ride, there is new experience that thrills and fills you with excitement. Unrestrained, you will enjoy Dubrovnik's natural beauty, natural treasures and the coastal views, historical monuments, details and colors while adjusting your speed to the moment - from rollerblades to bike. SEGWAY will provide complete pleasure in motion and enables you to enjoy the most beautiful city landscapes.



See Dubrovnik from a totally different perspective. Sea kayaking tour will let you glide on the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic while enjoying amazing views of the City Walls, Lokrum Island, and the hidden caves. Led by and experienced instructor, this tour is perfect for those who love being active in the outdoors, explore seaside nature, heritage, history and art. Sea kayaking tour is an exhilarating way of seeing the walled city and its surrounding islands from a maritime perspective.



If you have an adventurous spirit, enjoy the outdoors and love animals, this tour is perfect for you! Try out your riding skills on this relaxed, but exciting horseback riding experience through beautiful Konavle region near the city of Dubrovnik. The route is so planned out to offer the best possible experience of the region of Konavle and Dubrovnik countryside. This tour is great to get close to what is natural, with just you, your mount, and the muffled sounds of the forest that surround you. Horseback riding is one of the best and most vivid experiences in Konavle and one you can not afford to miss!



Experience King's landing straight from the first hand with expert Game of Thrones guide at your side. You will be taken through all the parts of the Old City where some of the most memorable scenes were fillmed. Visit Dubrovnik city walls where famous battle scenes were shot and Lovrijenac fortress where cruel King Joffrey "ruled". Great addition to the Game of Thrones tour would be a trip to the Trsteno Arboretum. This botanical gem is indeed spectacular and it's no wonder why it featured as the King's Landing palace gardens. Get to the heart of the Seven Kingdoms in Dubrovnik and discover the real King's Landing.



Spend a day exploring Elafiti islands! This tour will let you explore the islands which are known as the latest spots of untouched nature at the Mediterranean. Hop on a boat in Dubrovnik and then navigate the soul-restoring Adriatic waters until reaching the islands where you’ll have time to explore the villages and countryside. A cruise to the Elafiti islands makes a perfect escape from the summer crowds and could be the high point of your visit to Dubrovnik.



The best possible experience of the region of Konavle (safe but at the same time exciting). Starts at Kojan Koral where our guests are introduced to the instructor/guide and where they are given full instruction about ATV handling/driving and safety briefing. After introduction Safari continuous through beautiful olive groves, pine forests, along the amazing Konavlian rocky coast. The tour continuous through Konavle Polje, a unique Dalmatian bush. On our way back to Kojan Koral we take the route overlooking the Konavle Polje, the old train path. Upon our return to the Koral the small snack is offered to our guests.



Obtaining the necessary ingredients and preparing traditional meals, dishes and refreshments with help of the hostess of the house and listening to stories about the people and the land during dinner sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? On this workshop you will have the opportunity to get familiar with the ingredients and learn how to cook a traditional Konavle dish, all done in a traditional way, without the help of modern appliances.



If you really want to encounter the heart of Konavle, grab your bike and let’s get started! In the company of a guide, the cycle route leads you through four small villages close to the foot of the Snjeznica Mountain, surrounding you with rich flora, images of the past and numerous wells with drinking water. You will also be introduced to plantations of the Dubrovnik Malvasia vineyards, a famous wine variety. The tour also includes visits to a gallery, St. Blaise Monastery and a complex of mills along the Ljuta River.



Wine making is a tradition that's deeply rooted in the Konavle region. This tour offers the visitors the opportunity to taste excellent white and red wines produced and presented in small family wineries and tasting-rooms. You will have the opportunity to visit 2 vinyards and a small familly owned winery and taste a variety of wines accompanied with prosciutto and cheese snacks. Then the tour will continue to the local olive oil maker where you will have the opportunity to taste a selection of olive oils, cheeses and sample some homemade olive tea. Don’t miss out on this truly great Konavle region experience.