Follow the path of the stars and see the Split's 1700 years old Diocletian's palace and Klis fortress, locations used in the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. Check out the many wonders of Split, and get a first-hand look at the settings for the most memorable scenes from Game of Thrones’ fourth season, from the narrow streets of Diocletian’s Palace where Danaerys plots her revenge and return to the rugged and remote Klis Fortress, where the khaleesi looks down upon the swath of newly freed slaves. Immerse yourself in the epic fantasy land of 'Game of Thrones' on a private tour and get behind the scenes of this famous show.



With this guided tour, you will discover the culture and the nature of this Mediterranean pearl by cycling through the narrow streets of the old town, enjoy the seaside ride and magnificent views on the town from the Marjan hill. With a strong focus on traditional culture you will be going on a bike tour that includes experience of local life style, history and sport activity. Discover Marjan hill, enjoy great panoramic view of the town and surrounding islands before descent to the city center, where your guide will show you historic center of Split. City bike tour is a unique way to explore and visit our 1700 old city of Split.



If you are trendy or just want to experience something new, this modern and eco friendly tour is a great way to explore Split city center. Feel the wind whip through your hair as you glide forward on your very own Segway on this tour through Split. Both fast and fun, a Segway is a unique and unusual way to see a city. With a short instruction, it will take just few minutes for you to become a Segway master ready for cultural exploration. Feel the thrill, the exhilaration, and the utter enjoyment of traveling around town on one of these fantastic inventions.



If you are thinking of yourself as adventurer, rafting is a discipline you must try. Rafting on the Cetina river is one of the most popular and most attended adventurous trip in Dalmatia. Clear green water, jungle-like forests, caves and waterfalls of the Cetina River will thrill you and make this rafting trip an unforgettable experience. With the skipper's instructions on how, when and how strong to pull, you will experience the adventure that you will never forget. Rafting is one of the most exciting ways to experience a river’s currents and take in the picturesque surroundings of Cetina river.



Walking around the walls and through narrow Diocletian's Palace streets, you will hear story of the history of this amazing site, considered to be one of the most alluring world heritage sites to live in. This historical tour visits loads of attractions, and historical sights, but along the way our guides will share stories, and information about famous events, people, music, and architecture. Feel the history pouring down the walls and splendid architecture of Peristyle Square, Cathedral of St Duje and learn about the life of Emperor Diocletian and the evolution of his magnificent palace.



If you want to learn something new about Dalmatian dishes, local produce and wine, this is a tour for you. The tour starts with a tour of the fish and green markets where you will be introduced to the history and local produce. After the tour of the markets, you will transfer to the local winery which is the site of the cooking class. After your hands on cooking class, lunch with wine is served. The last thing on the itinerary is a tour of the winery production facility and the cellar including barrel tasting of the winery's wine.



Join us in our tour for all the senses! Take a workshop tour that will introduce you to the Dalmatian foods, ingredients and the way that some of the popular Dalmatian dishes are made. The workshop starts with picking out ingredients on the markets according to season and preferences. After, you will transfer to the local winery for the start of the cooking class. After the class, tour and tasting of the winery will follow and at the end, lunch is served accompanied with winery's wine. If you enjoy food or are a wine enthusiast, this workshop is indeed for you.



Olive oil truly is liquid gold! Take a tour with us to find out more about the history and the tradition of olive oil making in coastal Dalmatia. The tour includes presentation of 4 different olive oil styles, a lesson in the art of tasting olive oil, a picnic with oils, finger food pairing (cheese, prosciutto…) and wine, a visit to the oldest olive tree in the region, a visit to the 700-year-old watermill, olive oil tasting and finally lunch with local wine, homemade bread and olive oil. Find out why Croatian olive oils are some of the best in the world!