Get to know baroque city Varaždin – also called “Little Vienna”. Varaždin is the city of music, baroque and flowers. Enjoy rich history and culture of the town and its many Baroque palaces, churches and monasteries. For lovers of history and arts, Trakošćan Castle is a great place to visit. It was built in the thirteenth century as a part of fortification system, defending Croatia from the attacks of the Ottoman Turks. This is one of the best preserved historic buildings in the country and it is considered to be the one of the most romantic and most beautiful castle in Croatia.



There is nothing better than sitting comfortably on a bike and gliding through the city with a light breeze in your face, seeing all of those secluded streets with picturesque coffee bars and craft shops. You will venture through the Lower and Upper Town of Zagreb, visiting our national Theatre, Parliament and Government house, discovering Zagreb's green horseshoe, learning why we have a "big bang" every day at noon, what's so bloody about Bloody Bridge and who is stoned at the Stone Gate. Whether you're an everyday cyclist, weekend rider, or haven't cycled since your childhood, a Zagreb tour by bicycle is right for you.



Get up close with Zagreb's top attractions on this private walking tour with licensed local guide. While entertaining you with stories and anecdotes about Zagreb's history and culture, your guide will introduce you to some of the city's finest attractions Zagreb has to offer. You will walk the oldest streets of Upper Town and Kaptol, Jelacic Square, visit the Cathedral, Market Dolac, Stone Doors, Church of St. Mark's, Tower Lotrscak, and lots more. Discover why Zagreb is becoming recognized as one of the most vibrant and popular tourist destinations in Central-Eastern Europe.



Zagorje is an area of chocolate-box enchantment: miniature wooded hills are crowned with the castles they seem designed for, and streams tumble through lush vineyards. First on the itinerary is the mausoleum of the noble Erdody family and two sarcophagi in the small town of Klanjec. Then you will continue to Kumrovec to see the birth house of Josip Broz Tito, the famous Yugoslav president. After Kumrovec, your path will take you to the small place of Desinić with its Veliki Tabor castle. After lunch, you will travel to the last stop on this tour, the most famous and most preserved 13th century castle in Croatia, Trakošćan. We invite you on this tour and experience the history through your lens and see the way local landowners lived in the 13th century.



Welcome to Zagrebarium, the most unexpected walking tour in town. Zagrebarium is a search for futuristic past, eccentric personalities, centennial brands and forgotten visions. Zagrebarium is a costumed storytelling steampunk-inspired walking tour that searches for the fantastic side of Zagreb. Hear interesting tales of amazing minds and incredible events as you explore the city’s best-known sights and some hidden gems. Enter the imaginarium of Zagreb, an incredible time and place that once turned visions into tangible reality.