5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS (days are flexibile for private tours)
Brtonigla - Motovun - Buzet - Hum - Limski Canal - Rovinj - Bale

  • As the centre of wine and extraordinary culinary tradition, northwest Istria will open your senses and expand your views, offering the perfect harmony of nature and tourism at the gates of Central Europe. Indulge in exquisite delicacies of Istrian homemade pasta flavored with truffles and extra virgin Istrian oil. Feel the breeze, breathing the fresh air after climbing the top of Motovun hill. Enjoy stunning scenery of picturesque little villages touched by turquoise Adriatic Sea. Pamper your palate with rich dishes of Croatian’s best chefs and come back home renewed and inspired by lovely, green region of Istria.

    o Dine at an award-winning restaurant in BRTONIGLA, member of the Association des Jeunes Restorateurs d’Europe, tasting typical seasonal specialties paired with great wines.
    o Experience truffle hunting in inland Istria with hunting dogs and explore historic, hilltop town MOTOVUN.
    o Visit a famous winery where wine is, just like in ancient times, produced in amphoras and enjoy in the gourmet delights of the awarded boutique Istrian olive oil in PULA region.
    o Stroll through the cobbled streets of the most romantic Mediterranean jewel – ROVINJ.
    o Participate in a cooking class at a widely-renowned cooking school located in a century old, traditional estate in SVETVINČENAT.
    o Relax, sipping some wine after a delicious dinner, enjoying an amazing view at ‘Croatian Tuscany’ at an exclusive wine hotel in BALE.



    After you have arrived and settled in at your hotel, spend some time to explore this picturesque little village. Shy and reclusive at the first sight, the green Brtonigla reveals slowly, and those who discover it, hardly resist to the power of its charm. The numerous acres of vineyards and olive groves are surrounded by pathways that lead towards meadows and woods, deep into the center of vibrating nature that lives intact, far away from the modern civilization. Upon returning to the hotel, have a special gourmet dinner at one of the best restaurants in Croatia. The hotel restaurant finds itself on the top of the Istrian and Croatian cuisine scene offering a vast gastronomic array based mainly on typical seasonal specialties, such as fresh locally caught fish, truffles, mushrooms, ham, game and other typical Istrian specialties. Overnight at Brtonigla.


    Today, we go further inland and discover „the Green Istria“. Our first stop is Motovun, a captivating little town perched on a 277m hill in the Mirna River Valley. Walk within the walls of Motovun, an atmospheric cluster of Romanesque and Gothic buildings that house a smattering of artist studios, galleries and shops. After Motovun, we head for Buzet to get acquainted with a true gourmet delicacy, the Istrian truffle. Meet your hosts and head for an amazing experience, truffle hunt. During your roaming for this delicacy, feel all the enchantments and beauties of the hunt, while the forest is quiet, comforting, and when adrenaline reaches its climax, due to the discovery of truffles. Friendly hosts will tell you all about truffles, the tradition of truffle hunting, and their truffle hunting dogs. Afterwards, you will join your hosts in their beautifully designed tasting room where you will have the chance to sample a variety of products made from truffles like olive oil with truffles, cheese with truffles, omelette with truffles, chocolate with truffles and many others. To round up our exploration of the inner Istria, we continue towards Hum, the smallest town in the world. Heaped up on a hill surrounded by grasslands and forest, Hum has only 14 inhabitants, but has preserved all the attributes that a town has to have - walls, gate, church, campanile. Returning back to Brtonigla, relax at your hotel.


    Today we visit one of the best olive oil producers in Istria. Olive oil, like wine, is a synonym for the Istrian lifestyle, both in modest country households and in top-rank gourmet restaurants. Istrian olive oils are often awarded as being one of the best oils in the entire world and to come to Istria and not taste this “liquid gold” would really be a shame. Winning numerous awards both at home and internationally for their excellence in olive oil production, your hosts will tell you about the history and production of their olive oil while sampling some of the best olive oils you will likely to find. Continuing your trip, we stop at a winery for tasting some of the best Istrian wines. Resulting from hard work and tradition of making wine that spans over a century, this family run winery represents the best in wine production both in Istria as well as in Croatia. Join your host at their tasting room and sample a selection of their exquisite wines combined with authentic Istrian delicacies such as Istrian ham, extra-virgin olive oil, truffles and more. Continuing your trip towards Rovinj, stop at Limski Channel, this drowned valley is one of Istria's most stunning feature. Known for its stunning natural beauty and crystal clear waters, the Limski Channel is a popular destination as numerous boat excursions set sail packed with enthusiastic tourists. Limski Channel is also famed for its production of oysters as the waters are naturally brackish making them ideal for cultivating these world class delicacies. Stop and have a taste of this gourmet treat in one of the restaurants located right on the coast of the channel. Arriving in Rovinj and overnight.


    Start your day by taking a leisurely walk around Rovinj before heading out for more gourmet experiences. Described as “a bit of Venice spilled on a hill”, this stunner of pastel colored houses, polished stones and clear blue water, will make your stay in Rovinj a memorable one. As you walk through its narrow alleyways and courtyards, you will find lots of restaurants, bars and shops filled with people enjoying the charm and the hospitality of Rovinj and its local population. After Rovinj, head inland again until you reach the location of your private cooking class. Widely renowned for their cooking schools and based on authentic Istrian cuisine, your hosts will teach you the fundamentals of Istrian cooking which includes home made herbal bread, handmade pasta with truffles, mushroom and various meat sauces, traditional desserts and many more. After you have mastered preparing original Istrian dishes, head towards Bale, a small and charming little village and stay at one of the best hotels in Istria. Offering its guests privacy, luxury, as well as the unique experience of enjoying beautiful scenery and the impeccable lines of spacious vineyards, the hotel also boasts a gourmet restaurant that follows the modern style of cooking based on local ingredients. Enjoy a gourmet dinner paired with excellent wine to finish your gourmet tour of Istria.


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